Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fashion: Fashion Meets Fairytales

Fashion + Fairytales + Books = Camilla Morton’s Fashion Fairytale Memoirs.

So far I have only come across two of these brilliantly inspiring books, titled Manolo Blahnik and The Tale of The Elves and the Shoemakers and Christian Lacroix and The Tale of Sleeping Beauty (How is Manolo and Blahnik not recognized on dictionary computers?!)
I am too excited for words to purchase one of these, I was going to buy one for my friend Hannah for her birthday but I got too excited and showed her them the other day and have already sent off her present-Birthday on Thursday
The book is apparently a modern twist on the fairytale mixed with the real life experiences of the designer mentioned. Also, not only are the designers intertwined into the novel they illustrated the books themselves! Faboosh!
Camilla Morton is a London-based fashion writer who also wrote the, apparently very famous and renowned book, How To Walk in High Heels.  I haven’t actually heard of that one (SHAME ON ME) but may check it out, although I think I do OK on my own :)


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