Saturday, 25 February 2012

Literature :Dear Blank

Who doesn't love some Dear Blank action?

Dear Lady Gaga, Please come home, you're scaring the humans. Sincerely, Alien Lord Gaga.
Dear boys, If you don't look like Calvin Klein models, don't expect us to look like Victoria's Secret Angels. Sincerely, girls
Dear new clothes, When I rip the tag off, I expect the little plastic thing to come off with it. Sincerely, annoyed and looking for the scissors.
Dear Teachers, Could you tune it down a bit? Sincerely, trying to sleep.
Dear cat that just ran in front of my car, You're lucky I too have cat like reflexes. Sincerely, I just saved your life
Dear confusing movie plots, I'll take it from here. Sincerely, Wikipedia.
Dear diary, Today is day #1247 of my captivity here. I managed to temporarily stun one of my captors by weaving between its legs. Tomorrow I will try this at the top of the stairs, and then make my escape. Sincerely, cat
Dear "nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels", You've obviously never had a brownie before... Sincerely, normal-sized and happy.
Dear doctor who asked me if I was pregnant, Yes. Yes I am. Sincerely, male.
Dear toothpaste, I know you're still in there! Sincerely, ferociously squeezing the tube.
Dear Hazelnut, We have baby.... its name is Nutella. Sincerely, Chocolate
Dear banks with pens chained to counter, We trust you with our money, but you don't trust us with your pens... Sincerely, betrayed
Dear racists, When an 8-year old was asked whether he knew if his best friend was of a different race, his reply was "Race? Race car?" Sincerely, we were not born racist.
Dear spell check, I think I would know how to spell my own name... Sincerely, your squiggly red lines mean nothing to me!
Dear rocking chair, I almost had a heart attack when I rocked back too far... Sincerely, literally saw my life flash before me. 



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